Madison Heights High School Class of  1966         

          Classmates who served our country

The MHHS Class of 1966 honors:

5 classmates who died in Vietnam, or while in military service or as a result of service in Vietnam

9 classmates who had career service the US Military

62 other classmates who served in the US Military during the Vietnam Era

(approximately 48% of the male classmates in the MHHS Class of 1966
served in the US Military during the Vietnam Era)

          Special Honor Roll     

died in the service of his country      Classmates who died serving or as a result of serving their country     died in the service of his country


Ed Peters,  U S Marines



Ray Markham,  U S Navy



Larry Platt,  U S Army



Sandra Williams,  U S Air Force



 Richard Moore,  U S Army


          Career Honor Roll  


                                  Charles Burke   U S Navy, 1966-1972, Navy Hospital Corpsman, served in Vietnam, Purple Heart

U S Navy, 1982-2005, Surface Warfare Officer, retired as Commander



Gregg Clymer    Career Military 

U S Air Force 1971-1992,  Instructor Pilot/Current Operations Officer  

Aircraft types:  WC/HC-130  Mission:  Weather Reconnaissance, Search & Rescue, Special Operations


David Jarrett      Career Military 

U S Army 1980-2009,  Medical Advisor/Trainer service in El Salvador during their Civil War

Final assignments were in the Washington, DC area as a senior officer and flight surgeon

in the Chemical, Radiological and Nuclear Defense programs.  retired as Colonel 



Bob Utterback     Career Military 

 U S Navy  served in Vietnam

Intelligence Officer,    stationed in Long Beach, Pearl Harbor, Denver,  Rota, Spain 

Washington DC, Norfolk,  Monterrey,  Munich, Germany, San Diego  retired as Captain



Paul Looper

U S Navy Reserve / Chaplain U S Army    Career Military

 6 yrs U S Navy Reserve with 16 months active naval service with service in Vietnam

21 years U S Army Chaplain, retired as Lt. Col.

served at various US locations plus overseas assignments in Korea and Germany


Don Platt

Career Military   U S Navy

23 years service


James Evans 

U S Army       Career Military



 Gerald Peeters 

U S Navy       Career Military

34 years


Tim Moran

U S Navy    Career Military


Honor Roll


David Addington

U S Air Force, 1971-1974, Bitburg AB, Germany,  Maxwell AFB, AL

Ed Akers 

U S Army Reserve

Sam Alberts

U S Army,  101st Artillery Div., Served  in Vietnam

Dan Barker

U S Navy

Mike Bassemer

U S Air Force

Larry Bickel 

U S Navy

Jerry Brake 

U S Army

Rick Brow 

U S Naval Reserve


Mike Brown 

U S Army

Bill Carter 

U S National Guard

Steve Carter 

U S Army


Jan Claus 

U S Navy  1967-73

Roy Cooley 

U S Army

Bob Cooper 

U S Army Signal Corp, Served in Vietnam

Larry Dippel 

U S Army   1969-1971

Ted Dodge 

U S Air Force

David Doub 

U S Army,  Served  in Vietnam

 John Downs 

U S Army

Rick Eddy 

U S Naval Reserve



Cindie Fisher Sprecker 

U S Navy  1967-68  stationed Jacksonville, FL


Gil Ganger

U S Navy

Ruben Garcia 

U S Army

Tony Gates

U S Army

Jim Gerkin

U S National Guard

Dennis Giddens 

U S Marine Corp  1967-1971,  Served  in Vietnam

Alton Gore 

U S Army

John Gunst 

U S Army

Robert Harp 

U S Air Force

Dan Harrell 

U S Air Force

William Helvie 

U S Army 


James Hosier 

U S Army 

Thomas Hughes 

U S Air Force

Brian Hurst 

U S Army

 Mark Imel 

U S Air Force

 Ed Kalisz   served in Vietnam

U S Army

Dewayne King 

U S Air Force

Kenny A Lawson 

U S Army

David Lewellen 

U S Army

Dave Lindley

U S Army

Russell Lindzy

U S Navy

John Lipe

U S Army

Mark McCord 

U S Army

Michael Mehagan

U S Navy Submarine Service, 1968-1972


Michael Modlin

U S Air Force

Paul Morgan

U S Naval Reserve

Keith Oliver

U S Army

Jay Oster

U S Navy

Dale Perkins

U S Navy

David Pershing 

 U S Public Health Service, 1970-1973

Jim  Phillips

U S Army

Larry Reddin

U S Marines

 Curt Ruggles 

U S Army  Served in Vietnam

David Sell

U S Air Force  - Cannon AFB NM

Don Sheets

U S Army

Phil Sokol

U S Army

Skip Stanley

U S Navy

Jack Stepp

U S Army

Larry Stopher

U S Army

Mike Tatman

U S Army

Richard Thacker 

 U S Army, Served in Vietnam

Roy Thomas

U S Army

Rick Towler

U S Coast Guard

Fred Vail

U S Air Force


Mike Vaughn

U S Marines

Mike Wainscott

U S Air Force

Brad Willoughby

U S Army


thanks to Alton Gore for gathering much of this information

  Email any additional information on military service to the reunion committee so that we can include it on this honor roll.


Class of 1966 Military Service Video    



 Madison Heights graduates killed in Vietnam and listed on the Vietnam Memorial

 Richard Thomas Mills      Tommie Joe Campbell      David George Hutchings       Raymond Paul Markham      Larry Dean Platt  


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