Madison Heights High School Class of  1966         


55th Reunion      Saturday night at The Edge


Special thanks to Carole Wells Miller for all the wonderful Photos


Our Veterans

Front Row:  Ted Campbell, Cindie Fisher, Gerald Peeters, Roy Cooley, Gregg Clymer

Rear:  Dennis Giddens, Ed Kalisz, Phil Sokol, Jim Evans,  Rich Griner, Jack Stepp









Steve Hubble and Cheryl


Phil Sokol, Sheila Kane Sokol, Rich Griner



Steve Hubble, Cheryl Hubble, Danny Jones, Rene Jones



Roy Cooley


Jim Evans, Karen Kalisz






Armella Crouse, Carole Wells Miller, Cindy Rutter Aucutt, Dick Aucutt





Nancy Skinner, Sharon Pursley, Linde Fisher


Craig McElhoe, Linde Fisher



Our DJ  Jim Noggle


Cindy Rutter Aucutt, Sheila Kane Sokol, Roy Cooley, Bob Lawson



Bob Lawson, Linde Fisher, Craig McElhoe, Carole Wells, Gregg Clymer






Sharon Dozier, Jim Evans, Patti Pyzik


front:  Priscilla Vaughn, Danny Jones, Armella Crouse, Carole Wells Miller

rear:  Ed Kalisz, Pam Martin, Phil Faris, Brian McMahan






Cindy Rutter, Vicki Wilson, Nancy Skinner, Sheryl Lawhon, Brian McMahan





Pam Marin, Joe Kinsey




Phil Faris, Ted Campbell





Gregg Clymer, John Connell



Armella Crouse, Priscilla Vaughn, Pam Martin, Carole Wells Miller


Priscilla Vaughn, Pam Martin, Danny Jones, Armella Crouse, Phil Faris, Carole Wells Miller




Steve Hubble, Larry Reddin











Phil Faris, Cindy Nottingham Faris




Nancy Skinner, Dale Vanderbur, Vicki Vanderbur, Dennis Giddens









Carolyn Sue French,  John Connell


Donna McLaughlin,  Sheryl Lawhon, Joyce Morgan, Carolyn Sue French







Ted Campbell, Sheila Kane Sokol, Patti Pyzik


Gwen Stuart, Karla Wilkinson










Line Dancing a la Class of 1966   



the 19th hole



55th Reunion Social  Friday night at Blaze















55th Reunion Social    Thursday night at Buffalo Wild Wings














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