Madison Heights High School Class of  1966   

             Class of 1966 Tribute to James Rebhorn

The members of the Class of 1966 fondly remember the four years we spent with Jim Rebhorn occupying and traversing the halls of Madison Heights High School


  Remembering Classmate Jim Rebhorn


   Senior Class Picture

   Boys' State Representative

    In the Conga line for the Senior Class Play  "My Sister Eileen"


   as President of the Footliters

   In the Thespians Group Photo

   In the Debate Club as a Senior

   Student Council Representative as a Senior

    Senior Year

  Senior Year,  happenings around the school


  Junior Class Picture

   In the Junior Class Play  "The Imaginary Invalid"

  on the Wrestling Team as a Junior

     In the Thespians Group Picture as a Junior

    In Caduceus as a Junior


 Sophomore Class Picture

   In Thespians as a Sophomore

     On the Wrestling Team as a Sophomore



  Freshman Class Picture





Our memories of James Rebhorn the Actor  


 A.       Movie   The Talented Mr. Ripley  (1999 with Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow)  


 B.       Movie   Snow Falling on Cedar (1999)    


 C.       Movie  Meet the Parents  (2000 with Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro)    


 D.       Movie   Blank Check (1994)   


 E.       Movie  Final episode of Seinfeld  (1998 with Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander)



 F.       Movie   Far from Heaven  (2002 with Dennis Quaid and Julianne Moore)    


 G.       Movie   Sarah Plain and Tall  (1991 with Glenn Close)   


  H.       Movie   North and South  (1985)


  I.       Movie  Guarding Tess  (1994 with Nicholas Cage and Shirley MacLaine)    


 J.       Movie   Independence Day  (1996 with Bill Pullman and Will Smith)    


 K.       Movie   Head of State  (2003 with Chris Rock)  


   L.       Movie  Up Close and Personal  (1996 with Robert Redford and Michelle Pheiffer) 


 M.       Movie   Scent of a Woman   (1992 with Al Pacino)   



 James Rebhorn was honored as a Wittenberg Fellow by  Wittenberg University in 2004.   

          see a list of James Rebhorn's artistic performances at    



 James Rebhorn Highlights Video        




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